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Wednesday’s Wacko of the Week

October 26, 2011

Every week I will bring you a real news headline from the past week about a parent who did something the complete antithesis of responsible.  Obviously some stories will be more gruesome in nature than others, but all of them will leave you feeling better about yourself and your parenting at the very least!

This week’s wacko is 48 year-old Susan Hendricks from Charleston, South Carolina. (You can find the news story here.)

This one murdered her two sons, ex-husband and step mother.  Her family members have told police that she killed them to cash in on their life insurance policies.

How can a mother take the life of her own children?  The lowest of the lowly creatures.

This mother deserves to be stripped of the title, however biologically and factually she did mother her sons.  In yesterday’s post I was feeling quite a bit anti-Money.  I was (and still am) bothered by the grip and rule money has on our lives.

Unfortunately, there are many times we do things that cause us to value money before people.  Maybe there is a fantastic sale going on that you just can’t miss and you push off talking to the friend or family member who called you to ask for a chat because they are in a rough patch.  Or what about being insulted that someone didn’t give you money (or enough money) for a wedding gift…do you care about that person or only how they can be of help to you?

This woman who murdered her sons just took this obsession over money a few steps further.  The people didn’t matter to her, not even her own children.  In this crazed person’s mind money matters MUCH more than people do.  I wonder if they will just give her guaranteed free housing and food, oh I mean prison, for the rest of her life?  As a side note, she also happens to have shot someone to death 5 years ago claiming self defense.  She was not charged with a crime in that instance.  This gives a terrible name to the concept of having a personal firearm to use in self defense.  Anti-gun lobbyists could have a field day with this story…

May G-d help us all appreciate the people in our lives much more than we care about money at all times.


Do you find this story at all relevant to your life, or is this just someone who must be insane and therefore not comparable?  What if witnesses come up that say she was a normal person and a loving mother all her life and they can’t imagine she would be capable of such a thing?  Any other thoughts or feedback?

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